by P H I

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released November 9, 2015



all rights reserved


P H I Munich, Germany

P H I –aus München produzieren leidenschaftlich „Amboss Noise“, eine Fusion aus Stoner Rock,Noise Rock und etwas, womit kein Trommelfell unversehrt bleiben soll. Der Fokus dieser Musik liegt darin in einer latent-verzerrt-verhangenen Klangwelt zu versinken und erst dann wieder aufzutauchen, wenn Ohropax zu Staub zerfallen und der vollkommen unvollkommene Sound vergessen lässt, was ein Tinnitus ist ... more

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Track Name: 1000 Elephants
Baby please don´t tell me what to do
Please don’t be so cruel – to me
You´ve got a stone where your heart should be – for real

And all that I remember – erased memories
Who´s my friend – who´s my enemy

You´re messing with my head – you´re messing with my mind
But I´m trying to leave it all behind
Once we were King and Queen – you and me

And now we talk again – and now we fight again
And now we act like we are friends but we don’t
What do you want from me – is it what was mine
Not gonna make the same mistake as second time

And all that I remember – just dirty lies
You´re so dirty – you´re so evil

You messing with my mind – messing with my head
I can´t forgive – I can´t forget
I can´t forgive – I can´t forget
Until I see a hole in your HEAD ------ SO


Don’t you fuck with me my baby – cause I´ve got friends
One- thousand – ele-phants

Don’t – you –fuck –with me Don’t – you –fuuuck –with me

Don’t you fuck with me – cause I´ve got friends - One- thousand mad Elephants
They re gonna get my – they re gonna get my – they re gonna get my revenge!
Track Name: Wombirds
Out of the no-where they appear, birds
What they want, they won´t tell
Didn´t even introduce themselves – but I did
And said – I want to join your crew
You so fly & you´ve got the groove
I want to be one of you – if only

I could ride the sky with you
Dig a hole –in a cloud – and hide
Watching the time passing by
Remind myself of fever, of life

Is this all – meant to be – how I wish – if only
Is this all – meant to be – how I wish – if only
If only wombats could fly x

Seeking shelter from my actions
Seeking refuge in other evil deeds
I can´t escape this vicious cycle
Love is war – love is survival – if only

I could ride the sky with you
Conquer the universe
Spread fever in the entire space
Fever what a lovely way to burn
Track Name: Bad bad Bitches
Bad Bad bitches call my name when i shit
Bad bad bitches

Death came as a release
I embody eternal salvation
You can´t refuse to love me
I want you to fucking love me

Welcome to my basement party, no friends allowed zombies only
Drop the beats like Ken and Barbie – so fuck all the haters and specially fuck Kanye – and fuck Fred
Sinners gonna sin and booties gonna twerk
I´m a musician genius and my ego has just occurred
My biggest fear, my groupies could be all snitches
That´s why I only rely on bad bitches
My name is Edgie I´m so super funky sketchy
You don´t understand and you´ll never get me
Let me be sexy so deadly so vedgie so edgie
My flow has driven you just to get sweaty
Pretty unhealthy on your shirt the spaghetti with confetti
Let us be enemies, with suicidal tendencies
So what I missed my therapies for zombie-herpes, never kiss the dead again
Never hook up with the dead again
This is so fucking bad, unreal, a illusion
You re craving for a feature, craving for a fusion
A fusion with god including the devils cock
Just to remind you what you´ve sucked and never really knew when to stop

[Taking the piss now]